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2019-07-23 Matthew Brimmerbootcamp

Coding bootcamps have become a very popular choice for people wanting to learn to code and/or break into the tech industry. A coding bootcamp is a technical training course that teaches students to code, usually over a period of 12 to 24 weeks. Most code camps are immersive, but many provide online courses and part-time course for those that can’t commit to 40 hours a week for 16 weeks to complete a course. I want to cover some of the advantages and disadvantages of attending a coding bootcamp.

Coding Bootcamp I want to note that EasyCoders is not a coding bootcamp and is not affiliated with any coding bootcamps and since we don’t allow advertising on our site, we will not promote any coding bootcamps.



Learning a programming language is a lot like learning a spoken language. It’s best learned through being immersed in an atmosphere where the language is spoken daily. In an immersive code camp, you are learning to code for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Many code camps simulate a real development environment in the course to help students get a feel for how real development teams operate. The pace can be grueling and the overall length can wear you down, but it will prepare you to work in the industry as a developer. Coding all day is what you will be doing as a developer, so why not learn by doing what you will be doing every day.


One of the main advantages that coding bootcamps provide over self-learning is a strong support system for students. Code camps have instructors and teaching assistants to help you every step of the way along the intense journey. Having an experienced instructor to guide you through the mountains of information and assist you when you get stuck and you will get stuck sometimes is extremely valuable. The other students may be an even greater resource than the instructor. Working with other students to solve complex problems is one of the best learning experiences you can get to prepare you to be a developer.

Career Services

Getting your first programming job will be the hardest one to get in your career. Like breaking into any field without experience, getting that first one can be a daunting task. Coding bootcamps are generally rated by there hiring statistics and are often required to reports these numbers to various state agencies that regulate them. So they have a vested interest in you getting that first programming gig. Any coding bootcamp worth attending has a Career Services department that is actively engaged with its students and provides resources to help them. They will also guide you on creating your portfolio and provide you with interview preparation. Some coding bootcamp form relationships with companies that will hire students directly from them.



Coding bootcamps are expensive. Most cost over $10,000 dollars on the low and can reach over $20,000 for some with the average being $11,900 according to Course Report. It is certainly possible to learn everything you will learn from a coding bootcamp for very little money. You can take courses here on EasyCoders for far less money. If you have the time and the will to do it on your own then it can save you a ton of money.


It takes a long time to attend a coding bootcamp. Attending classes every day for 14 weeks (average length of a coding bootcamp) or longer is difficult for some and impossible for others. Who has the time? There are parttime coding bootcamps for those with fulltime jobs or children, but they tend to run longer (24 weeks for many of them) in order to cover the material needed to prepare you for the industry.


Weeks of constantly learning new material can be difficult. In order to prepare someone to be a developer in as little as 14 weeks. Coding bootcamps are often required to introduce new material every single day. When you combine this with projects, homework, and additional learning that should be completed to really excel, you can easily see how much effort is required to succeed. This doesn’t stop and requires the student to put in a ton of time to be successful. With great sacrifice comes great reward.


Coding bootcamps are long, hard and expensive. So are they worth it? Outside of the advantages mentioned above. The average salary for a coding bootcamp graduate is $64,538 dollars according to Course Report. The return on investment can be substantial over time as that number increases as you gain experience and advanced skills, maybe from EasyCoders . I attended a coding bootcamp several years ago and have had great success in the industry and have been able to progress my career, increase my salary, and even start my own business. EasyCoders is not bootcamp and is not affiliated with any but I want to provide you with a good resource if you are considering attending a coding bootcamp, I recommend using Course Report to help you research which coding bootcamp you should attend. If you have questions please leave them in the comments and as always:

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